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Your business doesn't need a large website with deep pockets to be found online. You need someone who knows how to build a website at an affordable price and implement an SEO and online lead generation strategy using unique content, blogging, link building, dedicated landing pages & pay per call methods, local citations & social media tactics that work. Call me at 701-566-1472 to get your questions answered.

How Can I Get My Website More Visible Online?

Focused on Strategic SEO & Online Lead Generation

Is your business found on Google for the keywords people use to find your services? If not, I have a valid reason why it's not happening. I concentrate on implementing unique content for your website, quality link building through a variety of methods, local citation building if you have a physical office location and other methods to drive traffic to your website resulting in new leads and customers.

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Why Simple Start SEO? What Can You Do For Me?

It's simple. I implement effective SEO & online marketing strategies for businesses in North Dakota & beyond. I will help increase online visibility for your website. I know how to get you increased calls & leads for your small business & I offer the best web design inspiration throughout North Dakota. I've been told my web design prices are far superior than other website design companies in Fargo-Moorhead. I offer flexibility, adaptability and am completely open to any type of wish list your small business might have. If you want to know more about what I can do for your website on a monthly basis, keep reading.


Technical Needs - These items are usually done for new sites and sometimes existing sites need them implemented as well if not done by the person who created the website. Once you elect to proceed with our monthly SEO program, we will perform the following tasks within the first 2 weeks. If your Webmaster has already completed these items, we would simply ask for access to both Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools so we can properly monitor traffic & review technical aspects associated with the website. If not, than we will install Google Analytics, set up Google Webmaster Tools & monitor daily for 404 errors & other errors, link Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics, create a robots.txt file and upload to the site giving better guidance to search engines, create a sitemap.xml file and submit sitemap to Google for indexing, check your site's speed & performance with Google's Page Speed Tools and work to correct HTML coding issues & other technical factors that may be slowing or hurting your website.

Keyword Research – We will work with you to determine key services you offer and figure out HOW people search for these particular services online. There are most likely MANY keywords that your site isn’t reaching simply because it’s NOT optimized for them or you have no presence of an SEO strategy whatsoever. We would seek to research competitors, use organic keyword tools as well as PPC tools at our disposal and search a variety of search terms to determine “PRIMARY KEYWORDS” as well as long tail keyword combinations & phrases that people throughout North Dakota use to find your business. Ideally, this will be one of the first things we do when we begin. We would hope to have a good keyword list established within 1-2 weeks of beginning SEO & will ask that you work together with us to determine if the keywords & phrases are ideal for us to target based on data, trends and overall history of knowing how you acquire clients.

Onsite Optimization – We start performing this AFTER we have determined ideal keywords & phrases to target within ND. Onsite optimization consists of performing strategic SEO tasks within each content page of your website. This includes the homepage and all internal pages. Items like writing unique title tags for each page, using one or more of the target keywords we are targeting and working on reaching your ideal geography areas are crucial with modern day SEO. In addition, we would seek to implement a unique meta-description for each page, using one or more of the targeted keywords we’ve determined. Other onsite optimization strategies include proper use of H1, H2 & H3 tags, making each page of your website is accessible with 3 or less clicks from the homepage and embedding keyword-rich anchor text within each page of your site. Your website may also have images. We will make sure that each individual page where images exist have a keyword-rich ALT tag applied to each image so Google and other search engines can read it. Google can only read text, not the image alone. We will also establish Google Authorship & Google Publisher markup to your website content so that your content is more visible & is linked appropriately from your Google+ profile page & local page for increased back link value from Google. There are more onsite optimization techniques, but these are the starting points for a successful website and we would ideally be working on this facet of SEO on a monthly basis to assure best practice.

Ongoing Content Creation – the most overlooked SEO strategy by most website owners or even SEO companies is CONTENT. We will go through EACH and EVERY page of your website to determine each page has ideal content that is NOT duplicated elsewhere on the internet with tools we have, be sure it’s proper in length and has at least 500-700 words. After we are done with your current pages, we will implement an ONGOING content strategy where our team researches additional pages topics or content ideas that we would write for you and submit to you for approval/review before posting on the website. These pages would be 500-700 words in length on a variety of topics. This is how we've been able to successfully rank many websites throughout North Dakota for the ideal keywords they seek. As an additional service we provide, we could even integrate an onsite blog into your existing website and have our team blog weekly about a variety of hot topics as they pertain to niche topics in your industry. You’d be amazed at the variety of topics out there of which our creative writers can blog or write about each week. This may be down the road if we end up working together long-term, but we can also seek to create videos, info-graphics, illustrations, PDF downloads and more that would be accessible on the website. All of these content features are KEY with content marketing and visibility online for North Dakota business owners.

Off Site SEO & Link Building – This is perhaps the most neglected form of SEO, but it happens to be our specialty at Simple Start SEO. A strong back link profile enhances your site’s authority in the eyes of search engines, therefore making your site more credible and is rewarded with higher keyword rankings & visibility if done correctly. We will review your top competitors or websites that are similar to yours and determine what types of “inbound links” they have going to their websites. We will then build back links from those same websites to YOUR website. This can include almost any type of website, but ideally we would search for websites that are related to what you do as Google does tend to give a bit of an edge to sites with back link profiles consisting of “same industry” links. We will also list your site in some of the strongest and authoritative citation sites found on the Internet. Citation sites help with Local SEO and increase your visibility best in the city of which you are PHYSICALLY located, but also will increase your reach to other cities in North Dakota. Examples of these sites include,,,,, and many more.

Lead Generation - We have developed a simple Pay Per Call Package which takes the hassle out of managing an online campaign where several $$ you devote goes to waste. With Pay Per Call, you only pay for a call received lasting 20 seconds or longer from our dedicated call tracking number OR an email lead you receive from our dedicated email software capture software. We take care of the rest. We’ll create a landing page as shown below, run Google pay-per-click ads & potential Facebook ads to generate leads based on important keywords people are searching to find your business & also optimize the landing page to be found organically. This form of advertising is hassle-free as you only pay if a qualified lead comes knocking rather than paying upfront for advertising costs.

How great would it be to have a website that actually drives traffic and results in phone calls or emails for your business? We can help you accomplish this through a consistent traffic & visibility SEO boost using short-term or long-term strategies. Before you "try this at home", consider hiring one of the best SEO & lead generation companies in North Dakota for your website today.

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